Ministry to further your walk with God

Worship at St. Luke's on the Hill


We offer Holy Eucharist several times each week. Our services are available in 'Rite I', which uses the traditional English language, or 'Rite II', which uses the contemporary English language, traditional hymns and songs of praise.

The weekly worship services include: opening prayers, Old and New Testament readings, a sermon, prayers of the people, forgiveness of sins, the sharing of peace among the congregation, the Eucharist prayer, the breaking of bread and an invitation to share in the bread and wine, a prayer of thanksgiving and finally a blessing as we go forth into the world to serve in Christ's name.

The congregation and visitors are encouraged to remain for fellowship, light snacks and beverages after each service.

Special Services


Additional worship services for prayer, healing, and thanksgiving are offered as needed or requested and for special feast days. St. Luke's is often the site of the interdenominational services.

Requests for special services such as baptisms, confirmation, marriages and funerals can be made by calling the office at (518) 664-4834.

Christian Education


We are inspired by the Scriptures and long to share with others the teachings of Christ. Continuing Christian education is encouraged for all ages.

Sunday school classes, with age appropriate content, are available for children ages 5 through the teen years. St. Luke's currently has three class levels. A variety of youth activities and events, often with other parishes, are provide for students aged 12-18 years. For children under 5 years, a supervised Christian based nursery provides a safe area where they listen to Bible stories or play with other children during Christian Education. For Adults we offer a Christian Education program on Sundays and an Adult Bible Study course, as well as other themed programs weekday evenings. 

Additional Worship & Resource Ministries

Weekly Worship at Off-Site Locations


For individuals who have difficulty attending the services at the church facilty, off-site services are offered at the Senior Citizen Mid-Rise Apartments in Mechanicville. These services generally include: opening prayers and hymns, Old and New Testament readings, discussion and contemplation, prayers for those in need, closing hymns and fellowship.

Holy Eucharist is provided at least once a month.

Mid-Rise Apartments at N. Main St., Mechanicville:

Sunday at 11:30am

Our Library & Cursillo


St. Luke's has a quiet library room where Christian books, pamphlets, audio and video resources are available for those who are interested.  In addition, St. Luke's clergy are available to assist you personally and privately in your life and spiritual journey. 

We also encourage parishioners to participate in the Diocese Cursillo weekends. Cursillo is a lay ministry to help renew and deepen your Christian commitment.  

Areas of Ministry

St. Martha's Guild

The Guild is a group of women who provide support services for the parish, such as, praying for the parish and parishioners, organizing the coffee hour after worship, sponsoring fundraising dinners, "spring cleaning" the church, selling home-made items, hosting receptions after special services and other assistance as needed. The joyful fellowship we share as we complete our tasks makes the load light. The Guild contributes a minimum of 10% of all moneys raised go to "Building Fund" for the Church Vision. The remaining funds are used for Beaver Cross summer camp scholarships, items for the kitchen, classroom, nursery and special parish projects.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

As a way of wrapping those in need in prayers of comfort during a time when they need it the most, our clergy or others take knitted shawls (blankets) to those who are home-bound, in nursing homes and in hospitals and to those who are mourning a death or who are going through difficult transition time in their lives. Shawls can also be given in joyful occasions as well, such as weddings or the birth of a baby. Members of the ministry prayerfully knit or crochet a small blanket or a shawl often with the recipient in mind. When completed, the blanket or shawl is presented at our worship service where it is blessed and parishioners say additional prayers over it. Yarn donations are appreciated.

Comfort Works

  Those involved in Comfort Works use their talents and time to make articles to ease physical and/or emotional pain. Our projects provide items for local support groups include pillows for breast cancer patients, heart pillows for adults and children, fleece lap robes for hospice patients, flannel blankets for NICU babies, small heart shaped pillows for grieving teens, and outfits for teddy bears for abused children. Internationally we made pillowcase dresses for children in Haiti and Zimbabwe. Any suggestions for new projects will be enthusiastically received. We meet most Wednesdays from 4 to 5:45pm. All are welcome. We find uses for any your talents! Come and enjoy fellowship.   

Altar Guild

St. Luke's Altar Guild is a team of parishioners who volunteer to prepare the altar and sanctuary for worship services. For those who want to serve God behind the scenes, this may be just right for you. Tasks include setting-up the altar, cleaning linens, polishing brass & silver, arranging for the purchase or donation of plants, flowers and decorating the sanctuary for special services and holidays. 

Prayer Chain

Anyone can call St. Luke's church when the sudden need for prayer arises. Our prayer chain ministry provides a way to rally the church members when focused prayer is needed. We use a telephone tree to quickly reach "chain team" members, give them only as much information as needed, (as provided by the person requesting prayer), and begin the focused prayer. 

Fellowship & Fund Raising / Lawn Rangers

Fellowship and Fund Raising Events Include: Chocolate Extravaganza and Desert Festival in February, Clam Chowder Dinner during Lent, Annual Craft Fair in September and Pulled Pork Dinner in October.  

The Lawn Rangers is a group of volunteers who donate their time and energy to keep the grounds neat and clean. We plant flowers, weed, rake and sow as needed.  If you find digging into God's good earth irresistible, we would love to have you join us.

Opportunities to Serve


The St. Luke's community relies on its members to perform the social and administrative functions needed to make it a welcoming and viable parish. Sharing God's gifts with others is a form of worship and a fulfilling experience. Contact the parish office or clergy for further information on the following opportunities to volunteer. 

St. Luke's Choir

St. Luke's choir welcomes all who enjoy singing and praying to God in music. The choir sings each week and for all special services. In addition to singing, the choir also plays the tone chimes. Individuals with instrumental skills are also encouraged to participate. Practices are held every Tuesday evening at 4:30p.m.

"Let us build a house where love can dwell, and all can safely live, a place where saints and children tell how hearts learn to forgive. All are welcome, all are welcome, all are welcome in this place." -M. Haugen 

Lectors, Greeters & Ushers

Lectors read one or more of the lessons during the worship service. St. Luke's encourages all parishioners who are comfortable speaking in public to take this opportunity to join the clergy in feeding our hearts and minds with the Word of God.

Greeters meet people at the door warmly welcoming them to St. Luke's and to worship. They also hand out materials for the service and tidy the sanctuary after the service. If a warm smile and a caring heart are among your gifts, please consider joining our greeters.

The Vergers determine if all the readers, acolytes, and greeters are present as well as count the number of people in attendance. They monitor the prayer list and send it to the front for the prayers of the people. The verger finds two ushers for the collection of the offerings as well as set the communion rails.

Christian Education Instructors

Those who have a desire to partner with the children of the parish as they begin their journey with Christ are encouraged to join the Christian Education team. An age appropriate curriculum and materials are supplied; you provide the enthusiasm and encouragement. For the safety of the children, all potential teachers are interviewed and attend a one-day course called "Godly Boundaries" which deals with proper conduct in the classroom.

Lay Eucharistic Ministers & Acolytes

Members of the parish of any age can assist the clergy at the altar during worship services. Training is provided throughout the year. For the youth of the parish, service as acolytes is often the foundation for a continuing commitment to their church and community. 


The Vestry is a committee of elected individuals who meet monthly to discuss the administration of the parish in conjunction with the clergy. As parish leaders they work to engage and energize the parish and provide a vision for the future. They also are managers, assisting in the planning, organizing, staffing and monitoring of parish resources. A Senior Warden and Junior Warden are elected to serve as officers of the church organization. The Vestry meets the 4th Tuesday of the month.