Weekly Worship at St. Luke's on the Hill
St. Luke's offers Holy Eucharist several times each week. Our services are available in 'Rite I', which uses the traditional English language, or 'Rite II', which uses the contemporary English language, traditional hymns and songs of praise.

The weekly worship services include: opening prayers, Old and New Testament readings, a sermon, prayers of the people, forgiveness of sins, the sharing of peace among the congregation, the Eucharist prayer, the breaking of bread and an invitation to share in the bread and wine, a prayer of thanksgiving and finally a blessing as we go forth into the world to server in Christ's name.

The congregation and visitors are encouraged to remain for fellowship, light snacks and beverages after each service.

Saturday: 4:00pm Rite II Eucharist, renewal, praise music, and healing prayer.

Sunday: 8:00am Rite I Eucharist.

Sunday: 9:00am Sunday School & Adult Christian Education.

Sunday: 10:00am Rite II Eucharist with traditional & praise music.

Weekly Worship at Off-Site Locations
For individuals who have difficulty attending the services at the church facilty, off-site services are offered at the Senior Citizen Mid-Rise Apartments and Davenport Estates in Mechanicville. These services generally include: opening prayers and hymns, Old and New Testament readings, discussion and contemplation, prayers for those in need, closing hymns and fellowship. Holy Eucharist is provided at least once a month.

Mid-Rise Apartments at N. Main St., Mechanicville:
Sunday at 11:30am

Davenport Estates at Viall Ave., Mechanicville:
Thursday at 11:30am, Bible study followed by worship at 12:00pm

Other Services:
Additional worship services for prayer, healing, and thanksgiving are offered as needed or requested and for special feast days. Stations of the Cross and Holy Week services are scheduled each Lent. St. Luke's is often the site of the interdenominational services.

Requests for special services such as baptisms, confirmation, marriages and funerals can be made by calling the office at (518) 664-4834.

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