We are inspired by the Scriptures and long to share with others the teachings of Christ. Continuing Christian education is encouraged for both children and adults.

Sunday school classes are available for children ages 5 through the teen years. The curriculum is age appropriate as are the activities. St. Luke's currently has three class levels. A variety of youth activities and events, often with other parishes, are provide for students aged 12-18 years. For children under 5 years, a supervised Christian based nursery room provides a safe area where they listen to Bible stories or play with other children during Christian Education.

For Adults we offer a Christian Education program on Sundays and an Adult Bible Study course, as well as other themed programs weekday evenings. These are open to the public and are often announced in the local paper.

We also encourage parishioners to participate in the Diocese Cursillo weekends. Cursillo is a lay ministry to help renew and deepen your Christian commitment.

St. Luke's has a quiet library room where Christian books, pamphlets, audio and video resources are available for those who are interested.

In addition, St. Luke's clergy are available to assist you personally and privately in your life and spiritual journey.

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